Our goal is to promote the image of Paganism as a positive, healthy, and modern form of spirituality. Our members are committed to providing information about Paganism and facilitating the growth of positive Pagan communities.

The purpose of Officers of Avalon, Inc. is to serve as a liaison between the Pagan community and the Public Safety and Emergency Services community, by:

  • Providing a support network for Pagans who work in the Public Safety and Emergency Services fields.
  • Serving as an example that there is a place for Pagan professionals in our communities
  • Showing other Public Service and Emergency Services employees that many who work by their sides are Pagans and that ours are valid spiritual paths.
  • Showing other Pagans that many Pagans were a badge, carry a gun, fight fires and save lives.
  • Educating the Pagan community on the best way to interact with Public Safety personnel as they are carrying out their duties.
  • Educating Public Safety personnel on what they may find as they interact with the Pagan community.


Our Mission

Officers of Avalon is a Pagan organization whose aim is to help all those who are Pagan in any way attain the spiritual, psychic and social development they desire.

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