Avalon Cares Relief Project

In 2005 our Chancellor General, Joie, proposed that we create a charity branch of our organization to raise funds for disaster relief efforts. Many Pagans expressed concerns about large NGOs with large overhead costs that eat up much of the money donated to them. Some Pagans have written to tell us that in the past when they’ve tried to forward funds and goods from their organization’s fundraising efforts to Christian aid organizations, these things have been turned away as the recipients refused to accept anything from Pagans.

In 2005 Avalon Cares raised over $28,000 for relief efforts. We rented trucks and ferried relief supplies into Mississippi and Louisiana for hurricane victims (see sidebar photos). We shipped replacement uniforms to police officers in New Orleans. This is just a start.

Help us put the word out and make your donations to Avalon Cares, a Pagan relief network.


Our Mission

Officers of Avalon is a Pagan organization whose aim is to help all those who are Pagan in any way attain the spiritual, psychic and social development they desire.

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