Understanding Paganism

One of the first things people do when they follow a pagan path is to choose a magic name. The role of prayer in Paganism Many people hear the word “prayer” and assume that people in other religions do. When Christians talk about Paganism, some think that they have other means of Paganism. The Origins […]

Avalon Cares Relief Project

In 2005 our Chancellor General, Joie, proposed that we create a charity branch of our organization to raise funds for disaster relief efforts. Many Pagans expressed concerns about large NGOs with large overhead costs that eat up much of the money donated to them. Some Pagans have written to tell us that in the past […]


Our goal is to promote the image of Paganism as a positive, healthy, and modern form of spirituality. Our members are committed to providing information about Paganism and facilitating the growth of positive Pagan communities. The purpose of Officers of Avalon, Inc. is to serve as a liaison between the Pagan community and the Public […]


Our Mission

Officers of Avalon is a Pagan organization whose aim is to help all those who are Pagan in any way attain the spiritual, psychic and social development they desire.

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