About Us

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Hi, we’re Norman and Sally, two ordinary people starting a brand new life in Victoria.

We started this blog to document our process of rejuvenating our lives after our recent ‘sea change’. We’ve moved from our busy, stress ridden lives in the big city to the slower pace of country living in rural Victoria. Having spent over a decade working as officers in the emergency services, we reached a point where we decided that life was too short to not be doing what we love. So we dumped the high income jobs, let go of the huge mortgage and moved our young family to the beautiful surrounds of Avalon.

We have a unique take on life, I guess like everyone else. We’re a little different in that we identify as Pagans and have a beautiful spiritual life that helps guide all that we do. If you have a more Pagan way of viewing the world, please get in touch!

We’ve got big plans for our transition. We have a brand new home that needs a lot of work, children that we want to educate ourselves and a whole new life to live. We’re going to be sharing our progress here and we’d love to hear from anyone who may become a regular reader.

We hope you will enjoy reading about our adventures!
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