Taking a tumble!

I can’t believe that over a year and a half ago, we took the big step to move out into the country. Although it seemed like such a daunting thing to do at the time, we really have made the best move ever.

Not only has the relationship between myself and Norman flourished even more, but our children are also not the same little humans they were in the city. There you could almost feel their anxiousness, no doubt caused by the hustle and bustle of modern city life. But out here in the country, they are relaxed and content. It makes me a really happy mom to see them this way.

Hagan and Bowen, our two boys, have become the “outdoorsy” types. They are forever exploring the countryside or fishing, or both at the same time! Hayley is still very much attached to me and goes everywhere I do. I don’t mind at all; I love that little girl.

A little accident

Of course, as with all things in life, whenever things are going so well, something will have to go wrong. And it all started with a piece of jewellery, can you believe it? I have a beautiful brooch that my mother gave me on the day that myself and Norman were married. It’s such as a beautiful piece and reminds me of my lovely mother every time that I see it. Oh I do miss her.

The thing is, Hayley loves it too, and although I don’t mind her wearing it when I am around, I tend to pack it away most of the time. Not only does it have a sharp pin, but it has some sharp points on it as well, and I am worried that little Haley will hurt herself with it. Now, unfortunately, Haley found out where I keep it – in my top cupboard. While I was working in my vegetable garden outside, she managed to convince Bowen to climb the inside of the closet, using the shelves as steps in the aim of retrieving the brooch.

The problem is that he slipped and crashed down from about five feet up, right onto his left ankle. I just heard a scream and crash, and I was inside before I knew it to find Bowen wailing in pain. I quickly put a cushion under his ankle, and we called Dr. Simons, the local town doc. He was out to our place in about five minutes and quickly put my fears at ease. Bowen luckily had not broken his ankle, but it was a very bad sprain. He would need to rest it for at least three weeks, possibly more.

Making Bowen comfortable

Kids cushions laid out on bed
Of course, Bowen would now become a nightmare confined to his bed, so I decided to try and make his as comfortable as possible to take his mind off the pain as well as the fun he was missing outside.  I used a whole bunch of cushions to keep his ankle and leg raised and surrounded him with books and games. I even added some more kids cushions which I was saving for his birthday as I felt so bad for him. He’s such as active child, I just wanted him to be comfortable. 
I even moved a TV into his room and kept it on the animal channel – his favourite. I must say that that Hagan stayed by his brother those three weeks, never going outside once. I think that made it much easier on Bowen during the healing process. Surprisingly it didn’t take too long for him to start to feel better and as soon as he could walk, the pair were outside yet again!
So I started thinking about how to prevent this type of incident happening again. It would be too easy to just become really upset and yell at my kids. I just don’t do that. Instead I thought about how this all happened and realised that I could help prevent this by getting Hayley her own brooch. I thought that would be the best way to limit her needing my precious one and it could be the start of a nice mother daughter connection just like I had with my Mum giving me her brooch.
So I spent the next couple of days searching online for something tat resonated with me. Luckily I found a place called Boho who have hundreds of brooches in different designs. It made the task a lot easier as I could find exactly the colour and style that I think Hayley would love. I eventually found a brass one with the most lovely teal colouring. It was all so easy and with it purchased I just have to wait for delivery. I think this is the most creative I have been in dealing with behaviour and I feel energised by it. So here is what I bought her, what do you think?
Bouquet brooch in brass with teal jewels and crystals