Starting afresh

Moving is never easy!

Sure there is the excitement of the change of location, especially for our family as we were giving up on city life and moving to the country. Sally and I were determined to make a clean break and get a fresh start. The country would be a perfect place to bring up our family. As practicing pagans, we felt the country was the place for us. After all, Pagan means “Country Dweller.”

cute bunk bedsThe easiest way to achieve the fresh start we both craved was to sell everything! When I say everything, I mean absolutely everything. Furniture, appliances, our kids bunk beds and toddler bed, our double bed and even my beloved bedside table (which I had hand made in school. I don’t think Sally minded watching it go). We placed everything on eBay and it sold within a week. The only things we had left were the car and our clothes.

Not having to move a whole household was a blessing actually, although it did not end up totally stress free. We found that it is easy for city folk to get very, very lost in the country!

Our new home

Our first few nights spent in our new house were a brilliant family bonding time. As we had nothing in the house at all, we decided to camp indoors. We purchased a few blankets and a sleeping bag and settled in. Camping in your home is all fun and games until the sore backs set in (only for the parents mind you). Sleeping on the floor was not a great idea but the bonding more than made up for it.

After our indoor camping, we knew beds were the first thing we needed to purchase for our new home. As space was limited, (let’s just say “cosy” is the best way to describe the house), we decided bunk beds were perfect for Hagan and Bowen, our boys. They both loved the idea of having bunk beds again, but are still bickering about who would get the top bunk. I guess some things never change.

bed with covers and pillows Little Haley, our daughter, is still too young for a bed so we decided on a cot that can be converted to a toddler bed when she is old enough. We are not sure how she is going to handle the change, so a cot is perfect as we can place it in our room for the first couple of months.

Of course Sally and I need something to sleep on. We decided that due to our space limitations we would downsize to a double bed. Perfect for country folk!

Sally insisted we get two small side tables like these to keep our books and odds and ends neat and tidy. (I admit, I love leaving books lying around, something Sally doesn’t share my enthusiasm for).

So after a hectic first week, we now have our sleeping arrangements sorted out. Now to move on to the rest of the house, but in true country style, we will take our time!