Of picnics and travel

Our family has really settled into country life very nicely.  We love every minute of it and although I thought I might miss the city that really has not been the case at all.

Life in the Country

Country life just has so much to offer, the city really does not come close.  We wake up early every morning with the sun streaming in through our windows and the sound of the singing birds.  I love that the most!  They happily tweet away, announcing the arrival of a beautiful new day from Mother Nature.

Country scene

The boys have really settled in to their new lives.  I don’t think I ever see them wearing shoes anymore – they are always bare foot.  Little Haley loves to sit on the swing by the tree at the bottom of the garden.   She is off to crèche next year.  I am going to miss her during the day, she is such a livewire and she has a very inquiring mind.

Our favourite activity is to head on down to the river to have a picnic.   We take a nice leisurely walk there; it’s only about 20 minutes away.  I found these great picnic blankets and usually after lunch we all have a little snooze under a tree.  When I say all of us, I have to exclude the boys. They never stop!  They just have so much energy.  Cyfaill our dog loves it of course; he has the two best playmates a dog could ever want, although they even tire him out eventually.

An exciting trip!

We have some really exciting developments coming up in the next few weeks.  Norman and I will be jetting off to a pagan conference in the UK.  It happens every year but this is the first time we will be attending.  I really can’t wait.  It will be amazing to interact with like-minded people. Our last holiday away feels like an age ago now. We did a trip through France and Spain which are two countries with deep again traditions. We loved it and felt so young again while we were there.

Unfortunately we did have a few troubles along the way. My bag went missing early on in the trip which was really unfortunate. I lost my travel wallet which had both of our passports in it along with our camera, rail tickets which we had bought earlier and our phone. As upset as we were then it did make us think about our valuables and what we own. We didn’t let that issue stop us from having a great holiday. We knew that our insurance would cover the lost items and getting another passport, although annoying, did give us an extra week in beautiful Spain!

Tractor going down steep hill

This time we will also pay a visit to Stonehenge.  It is going to be amazing to see it up close and personal, a dream come true in fact.  I have always marvelled at this incredible monument and often wondered what exactly it was used for in pagan rituals.  We have a guided tour planned, and I am sure I will have lots of questions to ask. I have been up watching a load of documentaries to learn as much as I can so that when we travel there we’ll have a better understanding of the place.

stonehenge with green grass and blue sky

We have already packed most of our clothing and other necessities.  We are travelling very light, just backpacks in fact. I bought a new travel wallet from www.drifttravelwallets.com.au to keep all our important travel documents in.  I have never owned a leather one before; it really is a nifty little thing and makes sure you keep all those important documents safe. The choice of leather was an important one for me this time. Of course animals are really important to us pagans and I just couldn’t bring myself to owning something plastic. Anyway, this is the style I went for – i think it is very classy.

Black passport wallet laying on its side

We have new passports as well and I think this time Norman might be keeping a really close eye on them!

The kids will be staying with my friend, Gill.  It will be very tough to be away from them but it is only for two weeks.  I hope Gill is ready for them!  She has looked after them before, so I am sure she knows what she is getting herself in for.

I am really going to miss them, but it will be great for Norm and I to spend some time together.