Gill has the most fantastic news!

So now that Haley is getting a little bit older and doesn’t need so much of our attention anymore, myself and Norman are seriously thinking about adding to our family.

We are five strong already, and we have a boy/girl dynamic, so why would we want to have more children? Well, to be honest, it has everything to do with living out in the country. Life here is just so different to the city, much more relaxed and not to mention safer. It is the perfect place to raise kids, so why not have another one.

street scene with green grass

I know Norman is excited, and so am I.

Looking for the perfect baby blanket

So with all our focus moving towards trying for another baby, our friend Gill asked if she could come and meet with us one Saturday morning. We love Gill, she is one of the first people we met after moving here, and we have become firm friends with her.

Gill popped around that Saturday afternoon, and I noticed that she looked a little different. I had not seen her in about a month as she was away visiting family in Sydney. She really had a glow to her face!

We got down to eating some beautiful biscuits Gill had baked and brought with. I could see she was a little excited and the next thing we knew she just blurted out, “I’m going to have a baby!”

Once we could calm her down, she told us that she and Roger had tried for some time to fall pregnant, and now eventually their luck had turned! I was so happy for her and decided that there and then we were going to go out and do some baby shopping.

stunning white baby blanket with tiny lamb picturesAlthough we didn’t yet know whether it was a boy or a girl, we could still get a few items. I took her into town to one of my favourite little shops. There we found the most stunning baby blanket, all white and fluffy with cute little lambs embroidered onto it.

Gill loved it, and so did I, so I actually ended up buying two. Gill wanted to know why we needed two blankets, and I told her that myself and Norman were going to try for another child.

Gill was thrilled! In fact, she drove me home quickly, got me inside and left. I wonder what she was implying.  I do think it would be awesome if we do have kids within a few months of each other. It’s always great to have an almost instant friend when growing up and to think that in a a year’s time we will be cradling a bundle of joy in each of our baby blankets is a beautiful thought.

That night, we told Hagan, Bowen and Hayley of our plans! They too were very excited. For Hagan and Bowen I think they just want someone so they can split the chores even more while I know Haley just really wants to play with a real live doll!

Exciting times lay ahead in our household!