Getting the Rhythm Back in Our Lives

Around three months ago, while we still lived in Sydney, Norman and I were both off for the weekend, relaxing with the kids and listening to the record player when the call came in. We were desperately needed at work; all emergency responders were summoned due to a ten car pileup on the freeway.

Our kids were crying as the baby sitter arrived. They wanted us to stay, but we couldn’t. How do you explain to young children that other people need you more than them at that point in time? As we drove to the scene of the accident, we knew that this way of life could not go on for much longer. We had a decision to make; one we knew had been coming for a while.

A life in the emergency services can be very stressful. Every day and every emergency that you deal with is very different. We both needed a change; in fact we knew that a change would be good for our young family.

The music never dies

people dancingNorman managed to smuggle something from Sydney that I didn’t know about – his old record collection which he hid under the mat in the back of the car. He also managed to order a funky vinyl record player online and now we have music to accompany our evenings.

Last Saturday we decided to have a late afternoon barbeque and I invited Gill and her husband around. After we had all eaten, Bowen wanted some music to be played. He loves dancing so much; I think we might have a little John Travolta on our hands. Hagan, on the other hand, much prefers to sit back on a comfy floor pillow and take it all in.

Norman quickly seized at the opportunity of inflicting his musical tastes on our guests and hauled out his old records and the record player. We spent most of the evening dancing, laughing, singing and having an amazing time. Before we knew it, the sun was rising and we had danced the night away! I suppose country life can make you lose track of time!

Moving to the country

We have loved our time in the country so far and it has had such an amazing effect on our kids. Both Bowen and Hagan were fairly reserved boys in the city. I think it had a lot to do with our shift work and the fact that our family was not a complete unit very often.

Since the country move, both our boys are definitely more outgoing and not as clingy as they were in the city. They are showing more and more signs of independence and that is only a good thing.

throwing a frisbee for our dogWe often find them outside playing cricket or throwing a frisbee for our dog. Many times we are drawn to the kitchen window by the laughter of the boys or the barking of the dog while they frolic. It is great to see them so happy!

We also spend so much more time together. In Sydney we did have family time, but only every second weekend. Here, every night is spent in quality family time either reading, playing board games or just relaxing together.