Getting to Know the Locals – A Trip to the Dog Park

Hmmm, I see Norman beat me to the first proper blog entry from our new home. There I was thinking he struggled with this “technology” thing!

Well I was pretty excited to tell you about our moving experience, but as I was beaten to it (thanks Norman), I suppose I will tell you about the bed that we forgot to order… a pet bed for our beloved Cyfaill. If you are wondering about his strange name, Cyfaill means “Friend” in the Celtic language, so it links in nicely with our Pagan faith.

The local dog park

dog park with dog running freeTo make it up to him, I took him down to the local dog park. I have always loved dog parks, they are great places to meet people and their pooches and let’s be honest, dog lovers are normally really friendly.

Cyfaill is somewhat of a looker and pretty soon everybody was coming over to admire our beautiful black Labrador. I really felt like a proud mum! Dog’s are really not only woman’s best friend, but they are a great way to meet people. In fact, my first dog, Ness, played a part in how Norman and I met. She bit him as he ran past us at the local field! There was a reason she bit him though, she was very old at the time and Norman scared her with his big, plodding feet!

Another thing I noticed while at the dog park is that country folk are friendlier than city folk. I think sometimes city life gets the better of people through no fault of their own. It’s one of the reasons we wanted a quieter, more peaceful country life.

Anyway, back to the friendly folk at the dog park! I chatted to a great lady called Gill. She was about my age and she had a beautiful Collie named Flower. I asked her how she got her name, but as the words came out of my mouth I felt really stupid! She just laughed at me as I blurted out “Collie Flower” right after I asked my silly question. It turns out Gill was also the local vet, a great contact to have made.

The right dog bed is essentialcomfy brown dog bed with think sides

I told Gill about forgetting to buy a dog bed for Cyfaill. I am glad I met her, because she stressed to me the significance of making sure you get the correct bed for your dog. It is very important to know how your dog likes to sleep, so as to get the correct sized bed. If your dog likes to lay out all flat, Gu]ill suggested a scatter cushion might be a better option. She also mentioned that winter can be cold out this way, and that a heated pet bed would be essential, especially as Cyfaill got older.

I know Cyfaill loves to sleep curled up, so her suggestion was to get a large, padded, oval shaped bed with a removable cover for easy cleaning. We had something similar for him when we stayed in the city, although I think it was more luck than anything that we bought the correct type of bed for him. She also suggested spending a few extra dollars on a bed that can be plugged into power and heated, especially for winter.

I am sure Cyfaill will love it!