The Fun Begins – Decorating the Living Room

Well since we all now have a place to sleep (even Cyfaill the dog), I guess we should start on the living room.

Even though the pace of country life is slow, we need to make our new home liveable.

coffee table in marble on grey rugThe living room is a place we all love as a family. When we lived in the city, the living room was a place where we had plenty of quality family time. I would setup various board games on the coffee table and play with the boys while Sally would sit on her favourite chair in a darkened corner reading her book by the light of a tripod floor lamp. Haley would be in her bassinet next to her mom, mostly sound asleep except for the times when the excited screams of one of the boys winning at Monopoly woke her up.

There aren’t many things from our time in the city that we want to recreate here in the country, but this is definitely one of them

Sally and I first discussed the lighting for the room. Now that we are in the country we love how dark it gets in the evenings. We both agree that although the living room should have one or two wall lights (to use if we need them), the main source of lighting should come from a few well placed floor lamps. They are perfect for providing lighting for specific areas of the room and they certainly provide a unique atmosphere. Sally will definitely need one in her new reading corner, which she has already picked out!

Of course we also need to find a nice comfortable lounge suite. The “comfortable” part is very important, especially for lazy Sunday afternoon naps, if the boys let us of course!

The family tradition of board games will continue so we will be getting a new coffee table. It will have to be high enough so Cyfaill cannot reach any snacks or food we put on it. He is eating like a horse these days. I think the country air does him the world of good!

Getting the kids involved

child using gum ball machineSally suggested that we should get the kids involved in helping to pick out items for the living room. This new house and country adventure is as much theirs as it is ours. They can have fairly strange requests though; a gumball machine in the living room is a must according to Bowen and Hagan. Did we every mention where their names come from? Well true to our Pagan beliefs the names are of Celtic origin. Bowen means reliable and Hagan means youthful.

Back to the gumball machine, well we had to say no to that, but did compromise by allowing them two small padded chairs that they liked. Haley is of course too young to demand anything, but Sally suggested a new bassinet as it is a perfect way to get her to sleep at night.

The living room should be finished in the next couple of days, the boys and I can’t wait. Time to crown the Monopoly Champion of the country!