Family Fun – Decorating the Kitchen

Our little country home is really starting to look stunning. We are slowly but surely turning it into our little haven of happiness. We love it so much here!

preparing foods in the kitchenOur next room to decorate is our kitchen but we are not going to do a major makeover. We definitely don’t want to paint anything at this stage and the kitchen really does not need it. Sprucing up a few things will do the trick. We know we want new lights fittings (definitely pendant lights), bar stools and a new wall clock. We are teaching the boys to tell time at the moment and a nice large wall clock will help us. They are still young, but they are both very bright. To help us to encourage them, Norman has already decided that they can choose the wall clock.

You know, the kitchen is an important room to us as a family; we spend plenty of time there together. Norman and myself both love to cook and we encourage the kids to sit by the kitchen counter while we are busy preparing food. It’s a great time to bond and let’s be honest, who doesn’t bond over food right? Sometimes the kids get a little bored, but we try to involve them by letting them help out where it is safe to do so. My mum used to do this with my sister and I and that is the way we learnt our way around a kitchen.

Tick-tock it’s a wall clock

wall clock in the kitchenWe had a lot of fun helping the boys pick a clock. They both had some very different ideas about which kind they wanted, but we helped to guide them in the right direction. We jumped online and found a range of different stores with a huge selection of modern wall clocks. We showed them a few with extremely large numbers that were easy to read and in the end they picked a perfect one to help them to learn to tell time.

We have come a long way in a short time since leaving Sydney. I can’t believe how we have changed our lives so dramatically, but at the end of the day, it’s already so much better for me, Norman and the kids! The country way of life can only continue to be good for us!

Lights, spatula, action!

We started our kitchen makeover by first focusing on the pendant lighting. We found a few beautiful examples, the only problem was that we could agree on the type of hanging lights we both liked. After a lot of back and forth, we managed to find a stunning model that we both though would work brilliantly for the kitchen, providing enough light for food preparation and cooking but also not too bright so we could keep the country kitchen atmosphere.

Bar stools are our preferred seating options for around the kitchen counter. They have to be safe enough for the boys to use, so they must be slightly lower than an ordinary bar stool. Haley is still too small to sit on one, but I am sure she will join in when she gets a bit older.